Tell Us Plainly What You Mean

Curated by Tatiana Istomina and Becky Brown
January 12 – February 10, 2019
Opening Reception: January 12th, 6-8PM
Gallery Hours: Saturdays, 12 - 6PM or by appointment
Aquarius Studios | 1116-A Wyckoff Avenue | Ridgewood, NY

Annette Cords, Louise Bourgeois, Becky Brown, Kerry Downey, Joey Fauerso, Tatiana Istomina, Michelle Rosenberg, Bill Santen, Irgin Sena, Catalina Viejo Lopez de Roda 

Every time one man says to another, "Tell us plainly what you mean" he assumes the infallibility of language… Whenever, on the other hand, a man rebels…  says he cannot explain what he means… he has seen into the real nature of language. For the truth is that language is not a scientific thing at all, but wholly an artistic thing, a thing invented by hunters, and killers, and such artists long before science was dreamed of. 
— G. K. Chesterton

Who has not suffered the limitations of language—its inability to express the nuance of our thoughts and feelings? Today especially, language appears complicit in disrupting communication between social groups and whole nations, blurring boundaries between truth and lies. When natural language fails and rational discourse seems impossible, artists come forward with alternative means to translate the subtler shades of our emotions and perceptions into shape and form.