2mf at Wendy's Subway with Amy Zion

2MF with Amy Zion

Saturday May 28th, 7 pm

Wendy's Subway
379 Bushwick Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Wendy's Subway + 2mf  (Sonya Derman + Maria Stabio) + Kerry Downey (+Angela Dufresne) + Amy Zion= A great way to spend a Saturday evening

2mf has invited artist Kerry Downey who has in turn invited curator Amy Zion to co-facilitate a conversation on mimicry: how do physical gestures, affects, feelings, and behaviors move through bodies? How do influence and copy each other? We will begin the discussion by watching Downey’s recent video which engages with histories of mimicry through queer, feminist, pedagogical, painterly, and performative practices. Based on a fishing trip Downey took with mentor Angela Dufresne, Downey narrates a story of their conversation, using several strategies to copy Dufresne’s gestures, words, and ideas. How do these different physical strategies relate to ways certain bodies and legacies become visible, coherent, or legible?