CREATIVE BEGINNINGS. PROFESSIONAL END. Group Exhibition in Paris, Jan 17-April 18

Kerry Downey & Joanna Seitz, Lou Masduraud, Lorenza Longhi and Maria Toumazou.

Exhibition from 01.17 to 04.18.2020

Villa Vassilieff hosts a group exhi­bi­tion cen­tred around the Tour Maine-Montparnasse as an emblem of ‘site’. Tour Maine-Montparnasse is located just 750 meters away from Villa Vassilieff. The 1970s skyscraper – the first and, for a long-time after, the only one in Paris – remains uni­ver­sally and pas­sion­ately detested in the city. The joke goes that the tow­ering office block has the best views because you can’t see the tower itself. Positioned in the neigh­bour­hood the building’s tow­ering pres­ence stands for the effects of gen­tri­fi­ca­tion, mod­ern­iza­tion, and glob­al­iza­tion on space. This exhi­bi­tion inves­ti­gates the threat­ened speci­ficity of local sites as opposed to uni­ver­sal­izing struc­tures, bringing together art prac­tices that center prac­tical, mass pro­duced, and patented objects within inter­ro­gated com­mer­cial spaces.