Wormholes, 2006-2022, single-channel video; 13:51

In this single channel video, Downey has reassembled over a decade’s worth of their videos into a new mega-edit, repurposing and unfixing their own content. In this new amalgamation, versions of them are fractured and collaged, connecting across time and space. Downey performs “the artist” through an absurd and sensorial activation of found materials and sites – a paint factory, a museum, a site specific sculpture, to name a few. As versions of Downey and their past works are spliced together, cut-outs from one video begin to appear inside of others. “As a genderqueer person, the other side of feeling fractured is feeling multiple.” Wormholes presents queer embodiment as visceral and entropic, where breakdown is also breakthrough. 

Made with the support of temp.files online video residency.

Interview about Wormholes with Tusia Dabrowska / temp.files